Selected Product Works, vol. 2

for 2020 - 2022

KazanExpress PickUp Point


KazanExpress PickUp Point


KazanExpress is an international marketplace with 3m monthly users and #26 on the AppStore, which was lately acquired by AliExpress. I joined as the second B2C Product Designer.




2020 – 2021


Create a pickup point from scratch


Designed and tested pickup point UI


A postal pickup point is a designated location where customers can collect their packages purchased on KazanExpress marketplace. Customers can choose to have their parcels delivered to a pickup point instead of their home address. In our case, it's a parcel locker that can be located at a convenient location like shopping centers, banks, and parking lots.

To use a postal pickup point, customers need to purchase goods in the KazanExpress application and pick a pickup point as a delivery address.

You can see a real photo of the pickup point, which is located at one of the national bank offices. It's green because of the bank guidelines. 

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